What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a company that provides English lessons to students in China through an online platform. It is similar to a video call through Skype, but it is through a program designed specifically for VIPKID students and teachers. The PowerPoint presentations for each class are provided to you as the teacher, so there is very minimal prep work before teaching a class.
VIPKID was ranked in the top ten remote companies to work for in 2018. The company continues to grow at a rapid rate, with more than 65,000 teachers from all over the world. 

There are three requirements to teach for VIPKID: 

1) You must have a Bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t have to be in education. 
2) You must have a minimum of one year of teaching experience. It doesn’t have to be formal teaching. 
3) You must be eligible to work in USA or Canada.
Work from anywhere. Work any time. Set your own schedule. 

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How do I make an income?

When you sign your 6 month contract as a teacher, you are given a base pay per class. Each class is 25-minutes long. VIPKID also offers various incentives, which can increase your pay per class. For example, if you ‘show up’ to class on time, you get an extra dollar. So, your pay can fluctuate depending on the incentives they are offering at the time.