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How can YOU join VIPKID?

How can YOU join VIPKID?

Now that you know what VIPKID is, let me tell you how YOU can join VIPKID and launch your own “side hustle” or full time gig.

Here is the basic teacher application information:

  1. Basic information: When you create a username and password, the first thing you will do is fill in some basic information. This shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes. This step just proves that you are qualified to be a VIPKID teacher.

  2. Demo Lesson: There are several options to this step.

    • Option #1: This option involves you teaching a demo to someone who works for VIPKID. They will act like a student and you will teach the lesson to them. This option is beneficial because you are interacting with a real human. :-) So, when you are ‘teaching’ your demo, you have the chance to correct their pronunciation and give positive praise. It is also much easier to be more animated and lively when interacting with another person.

      You also have the ability to get great in-person feedback and discuss your own value with the interviewer once your demo class is over, which can be a great perk of doing the live interview.

    • Option #2: You can record yourself teaching the lesson and someone will review it. With this option, it could be nice because you don’t have anything that could “throw you off” from what you practiced; however, with that, you have no way to correct the 'student’ or interact with anyone at all. You also don’t get in-person feedback at the end of your demo lesson. You will get an e-mail. And, let’s be real, it is usually much nicer and easier to understand feedback when it’s given “face-to-face” instead of written.

    • Option #3: This option is by invitation only: Express Interview. This option is very short. There is a quick quiz you take, an intro video you record of yourself, and you teach 2 slides. While this is a quick way to get through this step, it doesn’t really give you the ability to showcase what you can do. You do have unlimited tries with this option. So, if you think that would help you, go with it!

Now, there is a way to bypass Step 2 completely— by attending a fastpass coaching day.

What is a fast pass coaching day?

Attending this event is very informative and also allows you to skip over the Demo Lesson portion of the application process. At this 3-4 hour event, you will be coached by veteran VIPKID teachers on how to pass the mock class (also known as the Certification Center on VIPKID’s website). You will get hands on practice and advice as the teachers work with you to help you get set up for your mock class. The teachers will give you tips on how you personally did well and areas that you can practice and improve. Then, you go home and practice for your mock class. By the end of the event, you will be able to sign up for your mock class and may even walk away with a few props to help you pass. Then, you go home and practice for your mock class. 

I would highly recommend this if at all possible!
Click the link below to find the location closest to

Fastpass Coaching Day locations and dates

3. Certification Center: This step is where you complete you mock class. It takes about 30 minutes. Once you make it to this step, you can complete the mock class as many times as you need to to pass it and become a part of the VIPKID community of teachers. During your mock class, you will be teaching a shortened lesson to a VIPKID mentor teacher. They will act like a student and you will teach one of two lessons. Some teachers let you choose. Some choose the lesson for you. So, be prepared to teach either one. Practice both until you are confident. It’s never a bad idea to be over-prepared. :-) Once you teach the lesson, the mentor teacher will offer you some feedback. Listen humbly and take mental note of areas you may need to improve. Then, you will get an e-mail which will either let you know you passed or will invite you to take the mock class over. If you passed, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will need to take one final TESOL quiz. If you are invited to take the mock class over, practice what the mentor teacher instructed and try again. You can try as many times as you need to until you pass.

4. Contract: Once you pass your mock class and the TESOL quiz, you be asked for some information and once you provide everything they need to finish the hiring process, you will be asked to sign your contract. Welcome to the VIPKID community! You will then have access to your Teacher Portal, where you will open slots in which parents can book you to teach their child. This is where the real fun begins!

If you made it through all of that, thank you so much for sticking it out. It can be a lot of information at first, but trust me- it gets easier. If you would like help through the hiring process, just enter my referral code when you sign up: RUTHA0008 OR use my link and I will be there to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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