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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in working for VIPKID, life, and hair. Hope you enjoy the content and helps you train.

The Beginning

The Beginning

I recently started my journey with VIPKID and this is what I know so far— there’s a lot to learn. :-) There’s meetups, the Hutong, conferences, ways to earn VIPKID swag, and so much more! So, I’ll start off by explaining why I decided to pursue this opportunity.

I am a teacher at heart. I taught in the classroom for almost 7 years and absolutely loved it. There were days that really made me question my sanity, but being able to make an impact on the lives of my students made all of those “I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out” days worth it. It’s so fulfilling. It is getting to mold the hearts of the future. It is worth it.

BUT… anyone who teaches or anyone who knows a teacher knows that there is much more to teaching than clocking in and clocking out. There’s lesson planning, answering parent e-mails, updating classroom information, grading papers, organizing new seating charts, and the list goes on. It all comes with the territory. And once I became a mom, I wanted to be able to stay home and spend time with my baby. I wanted to invest in the heart of the one that made me a mom. BUT I also wanted to still contribute to our family’s finances and I still wanted to teach. So…

Enter VIPKID! It was the perfect balance of being able to teach, stay home, and contribute financially. I am able to teach while my little sleeps and be able to put all of my attention on being a mom when he is awake— and I love it!

I just signed my first 6-month contract with VIPKID and have been teaching since mid-December. So, I’m just a newbie. So, follow along with me as I share my story. Follow along as I learn. My goal is to use this platform to help others understand more about VIPKID and help others get started on their VIPKID journey.

There are 3 basic requirements to qualify to teach for VIPKID:

  1. You must be able to teach in the USA or Canada.

  2. You need to have a Bachelor’s Degree. It doesn’t have to be in the education field. It can be in anything.

  3. You need to have a minimum of one year working with kids— teaching in the classroom, tutoring, teaching Sunday School at church, homeschooling, etc.)

And that’s it! If you meet those 3 requirements, you should receive an invitation to continue with the process to becoming a VIPKID teacher.

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How can YOU join VIPKID?

How can YOU join VIPKID?