Transform your hair from the inside out with these natural, plant-based products.


Healthy Hair. Happy Hair.


My journey with Monat started in March of 2018. So, I’ve been using the product for almost one year. I started using Monat because I wanted healthier hair and better curls. The fact that Monat is naturally based products was a real draw for me. So, I went for it. I signed up as a VIP and, with the help of my sister, was able to purchase the products that best fit my hair type.
This is a picture of my hair before using Monat products:

You may say, “What’s wrong with that hair? It looks perfectly fine to me.” I would respond to that by saying- yes. I thought it looked “fine” too; but, it was dry. It was flat. And I had just had my first child, so postpartum hair loss was kicking in. Overall, I wasn’t happy with my hair. I wanted to see and feel that my hair was healthy.

This next picture is after my first wash and styling exclusively using Monat products.


Better curls. Less frizz. Healthier appearance. All of the things I wanted. So, I continued to use the products, knowing that the longer I used them, the better the results would get.

And here’s my hair after exclusively using Monat for six months:


Now, some of you may say that you can’t see much difference and that’s ok. To me, I see more defined curls. I see less frizz. I see healthier, happier hair.


Every person is going to have different results and that’s because everyone’s hair is different. But, if you’re ready to repair your hair from the inside out, click on the link below and let’s get started!